Timeline reading with Tarot

So this is something I played around with last year during my studies. It was a timeline spread based off the pagan wheel of the year. I did a test reading for a friend and so far it seems pretty accurate. We have agreed to keep in touch and I’m going to reference events and compare it with the picture of the reading I took. Below is the base layout.


The first card is going to be about the person you are reading for. Where they are in their lives currently, what their current situation, or energy is. It is much like the ‘present card’ in any past/present/future reading. The second card you place is going to be the major energy or situation they are going to have to be dealing with in the current season you are in. It could be that they are just starting to go through this or they might enter this situation in the next few weeks, depending on when the date of that equinox or solstice is. (Example: We just passed the spring equinox so in my reading this would be things that have been set into motion starting around the 21st of this month). The third, fourth, and fifth cards will continue with the year and gives the major themes as the seasons change. Depending on how detailed you want to get you can do 5, (for just the 4 seasons) 9 (if you want to do traditional wheel of the year dates and include all the sabbats), or 13 card reading (for a month by month breakdown)

Here is how my reading turned out… I did the basic five card reading and added ‘clarification’ cards as needed. Use your own method and find out what works for you.


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