Herb – Pepper

(Piper nigrum) Black Pepper Genus: Piper Family: Piperaceae Gender:Masculine Planet:Mars Element:Fire Powers:Protection, Exorcism Pepper is added to amulets as a protectant against the evil eye, and when worn it frees the mind of envious thoughts. Mixed with salt and scattered about the property dispels evil. Pepper has also long been used by Southern root doctors […]

Herbs – Sage

Sage – Practical and Magical uses Lyre-Leaved: Family: Mint Family Where Found: Found in sandy soils and lawns Uses: American Indians used root in salve for sores. Whole-plant tea used for colds, coughs, nervous debility; with honey for asthma; mildly laxative and diaphoretic. Folk remedy for cancer and warts. Western Mugwort, White Sage, Cudweed: Family: […]

My Personal Path

Personal beliefs and one’s faith, I feel, isn’t something you need to advertise or shove in people’s faces. I think that the way you truly show your faith is by living it. As a witch, I believe in aligning yourself with nature and the energies of the earth and finding balance. I flow with the […]