Decmber New Moon Ritual

. Cleanse ritual space with sage

. Cast Circle

. Call Quarters

“We gather on the sacred night of the dark lady, beneath the new moon. We gather to honor her symbol which she has placed among the stars. We give due reverence unto the dark goddess, for this appointed time which she bids us to observe. As it was in the time of the beginning, so it is now, so it shall be.”

. Invite Goddess

“Hail and adoration unto You, O Great Hecate. Hail Goddess of the Moon, and of the Night. You have been since before the beginning. You who cause all things to appear, Giver and Sustainer of life and death, we ask that you join us this night and lend your power to our cause.”

. Light goddess candle

. Trace a crecent over the liquid in the challis and recite:

“By virtue of this sacred blade, be this liquid the vital essence of the Great Goddess.”

. Trace crescent over the plate and bread and recite:

“By virtue of this sacred blade, be this bread the vital substance of the Great God.”

After we pass the challis and plate around I shall toast the goddess and recite the charge:

. Ritual statement

“Once, long ago, we worshipped in the open fields and upon the ancient sites. And our chants were carried upon the winds. Our prayers were received upon the smoke of our incense by the Old One. People were one with nature and respected the great mother.

But in time, we were enslaved by the worshippers of the all mighty dollar, and the green of the earth was slowly stripped away in the name of progress. The people lost touch with the great mother and The Old Ways were forbidden and we were forced to accept the ways of our oppressors.

Now it is a time of gathering and reclaiming what once was lost. The earth has suffered great damage as we greedily dig into her to strip her of all resources she carries. Respect for the earth and nature has been almost forgotten, but All things are remembered and all things are restored.

We come tonight to manifest love in the hearts of those that run the big oil and energy corporations. May they grow to see something beyond their own ego, their own desire for power, and their greed for the all mighty dollar. They must be awakened to the fact that their ways are killing our planet and we need to start seriously looking into renewable resource of energy. Our planet can no longer take the abuse we are putting her through, things must change and it starts with awakening the hearts and minds of those that have the ability to make this change happen. The money to fund the research is there, they just have to choose to put more effort into the technology that already exists.”

. pass the pink candle around the circle

“Before we light the candle I would like everyone to charge it with their energy with the intent to awaken the hearts and minds of these big corporations to the damage they are doing and to reaffirm in them the primal instinct that has been so long repressed. One that leads to respect and caring of the earth.”

. Light candle and chant to build and release energy

.We all come from the Goddess x3
.We all come from the Sun God x3
.We are a circle X3
.Earth air fire water return x3
.Spirits of Fire X3

. Thank Goddess

. Release quarters

. And if there be…

. Take down circle


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