“Even under the stillness of winter’s heavy blanket, there are signs of new life all around us. When ice gives way to early spring we witness a magnificent time of rebirth, inspiration, and possibility.” – Unknown

Imbolc is the time the sun gets stronger and we noticeably see the days getting longer and warmer. The water from the melting snow awakens the seeds that lay dormant underground. The winter called us to delve deep within and now the waters encourage us to stir from our inner self and to start focusing on the outer world. We are encouraged to focus our energy on what we wish to manifest and we do this with the new wisdom from our inner journey. It is a good time to start planting seeds for both our magickal and psychical gardens. As we look back over the lessons that winter has taught us Let us choose what seeds we wish to plant and tend to in our lives this year.

It is also a celebration of sun, of fire. With fire brings purification and the ability to remove that which no longer serves us. Remember, before you can plant your garden the soil must be made ready. Rocks, weeds, and other undesirable things must be removed. The same can be said for ourselves. All of us have blocks that hinder our growth. Unhealthy emotional attachments, self sabotaging behavior, or maybe even unneeded clutter from your house. We need to set the intent to clear our garden, we need to let go of that which no longer serves us.

There are several ways you can use the magic of Imbolc to aid you in releasing and purifying you so that you can make room for what you wish to actually manifest in your life.

  •  First way is simply to light a candle with the set intent of releasing something. The best color to use is black for banishing that which you no longer need. If you do not have one you could use a white candle and write your spell or intent in black marker or ink.
  • Second way is a little more flashy and personally my favorite way of banishing something is to get a piece of paper and write on it in black ink what it is you wish to get rid of in your life. You then set it on fire and let it burn in your cauldron or a fire safe plate (making sure you take every safety precaution) and then bury the ashes or scatter them to the wind and visualize your issue or whatever it is your getting rid of blowing away just like the ash from your paper.

Of course there are several other ways but I wanted to focus on ones that had to do with fire because of Imbolc. Feel free to make a ritual of your own to honor the sun god and goddess.

My last piece of advise is when you cast spells make sure you are also doing the psychical work for whatever you are trying to manifest or banish. If you want a new job you can’t just plant seeds with the intent of getting a job and not put in applications. If you are banishing ties with your ex it isn’t the best idea to turn around and call him or her.

I hope this has given you some inspiration on how to use the energy of Imbolc in your life.

‘May the new sun god kindle the sacred flame within you’

Love and light



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