February New Moon Ritual

.Cleanse ritual space with sage

. Cast Circle

. Call Quarters

“We gather on the sacred night of the lady, beneath the new moon. We gather to honor her symbol which she has placed among the stars. We give due reverence unto the goddess, for this appointed time which she bids us to observe. As it was in the time of the beginning, so it is now, so it shall be.”

. Invite Goddess

“I call to you Goddess Athena. She who is the light of ages, the plan for those who lead, the comfort for those who mourn, the courage for those who despair, and the shield for those who take a stand. Bright eyed Athena, lend us your wisdom, insight, grace, and strength. Join us in our circle tonight and lend your power to our cause.”

. Light goddess candle

. Trace a crescent over the liquid in the challis and recite:

“By virtue of this sacred blade, be this liquid the vital essence of the Great Goddess.”

. Trace crescent over the plate and bread and recite:

“By virtue of this sacred blade, be this bread the vital substance of the Great God.”

.Pass around the chalice and plate

“February is the time when the sun gets stronger and we noticeably see the days getting longer and warmer. The water from the melting snow awakens the seeds that lay dormant underground. The winter called us to delve deep within and now the waters encourage us to stir from our inner self and to start focusing on the outer world. It is a good time to start planting seeds for both our magickal and psychical gardens. However, if our water is poison then the seed will die. The people of Flint Michigan have paid the price for our disregard for nature and for the greed of money. People have died and no one has been brought to justice over this situation. The new moon is a time we start manifestation and tonight we manifest wisdom and compassion in leaders so they will start making decisions to protect the earth’s water. We also manifest that those responsible for this will be brought to justice.”

. Pour water into the bowl filling it to the base of the cup

“This water represents water that is polluted and unclean. The water that is unsafe to drink because as a species we have turned our backs on nature. Instead of coexisting with her we seek to dominate and in so doing have polluted her and tainted the very thing that gives us life.”

. Trace a crescent over the cup with atheme

“awaken sacred flame, be thy essence of magic.”

. Light Candle

“Fire purifies and cleanses all it touches. We ask tonight that the cleansing fire help purify the situation surrounding the contaminated water. We ask that you spark the flame within those activists that would help to heal the earth and shed light to expose those who have intentionally put people at risk by giving them contaminated drinking water.”

. Chant to build and release energy


.We all come from the Goddess x3

.We all come from the Sun God x3

.We are a circle X3

.Earth air fire water return x3

.Spirits of Fire X3

. Thank Goddess

. Release quarters


. And if there be…

. Take down circle


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