Scrying mirror

With my new journey of exploring nature and elemental magic It was decided by my mentor that we would start with the element water. Water is good with healing and divination. I decided that I would try a scrying mirror for the first time. Of course I am all about crafting your own tools when you can, so I decided to make my own…

Step 1: find any size or shape picture frame that speaks to you.

Step 2: paint a piece of paper are cardboard black to fit inside the frame. It should be as smooth as possible and you can mix your paint with oils or herbs if you wish. I personally mixed sage ashes with my paint for purification. You can also inscribe symbols or Sigils for specific properties.

Step 3: consecrate your tool in your own personal way and wrap it up in cloth when not in use. This is now a sacred tool, so treat it as such… Enjoy


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