My name is Nimué Winterborn and I am currently studying Wicca, but to say that sounds so limiting. I think more than just a student of the craft, I consider myself to be a student of life. Being a sensitive I have always been drawn to the ways of spirit. I grew up in a Methodist church and my grandmother was a minister. She, more than anyone else, influences my spiritual practice. Some of the fondest memories of my childhood are long talks (mostly over coffee) about spirit, dreams, reincarnation, and how everything was alive and that we were connected to everything by the energy or spirit that flows through us all. A little out of the norm for a Methodist minister but, then again, Nonnie always said she never made a good Methodist. Despite that her views were out of the norm, she lived her truth and had such a rich and personal connection with spirit. That, over everything else, is what she passed on to me. I learned that regardless of what anyone else says my spiritual practice and connection to god/dess is personal. Also that it should be first and foremost about love, and  that it was something no one else can take away from me. This journal is to live my own truth by documenting my thoughts and sharing my spiritual journey. I write in this journal to do for others, in some way, what my grandmother did for me. I share my experiences  and stories so perhaps someone might realize that it is okay to live your own truth and do spiritually what feeds your soul, despite what any religion or person might say. If you are reading this that is my greatest wish for you. I hope you enjoy reading about my journey and I wish you love and blessings upon your own.

Love Nim’


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