Follow your passion

I had a recent realization that some of the people I cared for, who I thought would support me on my spiritual path, were not actually supportive of me. They had acted supportive previously but over time it became obvious by their words and actions that they neither supported me nor believed that I could […]

A Year Ago Today

About a year ago I was up north taking care of my grandmother who was losing her battle with cancer. She did not want to spend her final days in the hospital so she went on hospice and they set her up with what she needed for her transition all in her own home. The bed and […]

My Personal Path

Personal beliefs and one’s faith, I feel, isn’t something you need to advertise or shove in people’s faces. I think that the way you truly show your faith is by living it. As a witch, I believe in aligning yourself with nature and the energies of the earth and finding balance. I flow with the […]